September 20, 2021
Furnace Repair in Friendswood, TX

If you have a furnace that isn’t working correctly, it’s essential to have a technician inspect it right away. Getting repairs done now could help you avoid more costly repair services in the future. Your furnace may have one of these top problems, so it’s vital to have a professional assess the problem.

Lack of Maintenance

If your furnace doesn’t get an annual inspection and a professional cleaning, then it can break down. Keeping up with regular maintenance can help out your utility bills and can also help you avoid repair costs in the future. Our technicians replace worn-out parts, check for leaks, lubricate moving parts, and more.

The Furnace Stops Heating

A furnace may need repairs or a replacement installed if it isn’t heating at all. It could be a really simple issue, such as a problem with the thermostat, or a more extensive problem.

There Isn’t Enough Heat

Sometimes a furnace isn’t putting out enough heat. This problem could be because the filter is clogged, or the furnace may be too small for the space. Get an inspection to make sure that there isn’t an issue with your filter. Your furnace may also be getting old.

The Furnace Is Noisy

If the furnace in your home makes abnormal noises, such as rattling or rumbling, then there could be an issue with airflow or a clogged burner. There could also be other mechanical problems, so a repair appointment is necessary.

The Filter Is Dirty

When the filter for your furnace is dirty, then it has to work harder. Replacing your air filter can significantly increase efficiency. Also, catching this problem early can help you avoid much more significant issues with your furnace. In the winter months, replace your filter every two to three months.

Contact Our Furnace Professionals

At Preferred Home Services in Friendswood, TX, we have services professionals ready to help with furnace tune-ups, repairs, and new heating installations. We also specialize in roofing and air conditioning services. We offer maintenance agreements for your convenience as well. Contact Preferred Home Services for more information.

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